Want help doing a workshop for your staff on Classroom Management?

You are on support staff at your school, or a school administrator.
Your staff needs help with Classroom Management.
But, to hire an outside workshop leader is expensive, and this leader would not really know your school the way you do.
You have done some staff development before but your greatest expertise is not training others in Classroom Management.
But, you would still like to help these troubled teachers.
Referrals to the office, and dealing with parents on these issues has become very problematic.

Maybe YOU can do a workshop/talk on Classroom Management

Prof. Seeman, who has done over 100 such workshops across the country since 1970, can assist you in doing a very exciting, effective workshop for your school or school district.

He will:

  • Hear your school's needs
  • Hear what you would like to accomplish
  • Gear your workshop for the date and time slot that you need
  • Help you plan the workshop
  • Design the best outline/plan with you that fits your style
  • Give you hands-on exercises you can do with your teachers at your workshop
  • Consult with you every step of the way in planning it, doing it, and following up

All you need is his book: Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems; A Classroom Management Handbook and the Video cued to the book, and you and he can work together via unlimited emails and by phone every step of the way.
No need to pay for his airfare, hotels, meals, or his expensive workshop fees.

And you can have him as your private consultant for a month or more.

Cost: Consultation for one month: $600; two months: $998.

Questions? Write to him at: [email protected]

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