Preventing Disruptive Behavior: K-12 & College
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The video is unique! In the scenes of various discipline problems, these enactments are spontaneously acted out by real teachers and student-teachers. Instead of following a written script, they acted out how their real disruptive students would actually behave, and what they would actually say in these classroom situations. If the teacher in the scene does something that is ineffective, what you will see is how their real students would actually respond. And, if the teacher is effective, then you'll see how their real students would actually change their behavior and be more cooperative.

Live-action, 46 minutes (can be shown in 10-minute segments)
Cued to the books and online course/tutorial at

Cost: $97

Once your payment is received, you can access the video online, or a DVD can be mailed to you at no additional charge.


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