Preventing Disruptive Behavior: K-12 & College
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Schools have been most successful in helping their teachers PREVENT Discipline Problems by purchasing sets of the Books, and then showing the Training Video at faculty meetings; and/or each troubled teacher can use this video with the books to remedy/prevent classroom management situations. The books are cued to all of the training demonstrations shown in the training video.

The video comes with easy Guidelines for Training so that each demonstration can be used with its appropriate chapter in the book. Also, each chapter has self-help training exercises so that teachers can practice on their own those specific skills for their problem, as demonstrated in the video. For each skill needed to prevent and handle discipline problems, the video demonstrates both what the ineffective, and then the effective teacher might do. These skills are acted out by actual classroom teachers. School administrators can easily refer teachers to the chapter of the book and segment of the video that can be most helpful to them.

The video is usually first shown at a faculty meeting. Then, teachers use the books and individual training video privately to work on their own individual problems. The books also have guidelines for helping school administrators and guidance counselors implement the training - that does not require revamping the whole school's system, as some other programs require.

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