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We start out with you explaining some of the problems you have had and telling me (Prof. Howard Seeman) your current job-work situation (all totally private and confidential). For each problem, I will suggest what sections of the book to read Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems (Table Of Contents) to help you stop the causes of these problems and/or how to eliminate them. To help you practice these remedies, I will also show you on a video/DVD (in live-action) what the ineffective teacher does vs. the effective teacher, and give you some exercises to try that will help you improve these new skills. All of this re-training is done at your own pace via emails at your convenience from you to me to you.

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A brief module/session for 3-6 hours credit on Classroom Management. Done one-on-one with Prof. Seeman at your time and convenience.

You will explain your situation and concerns to Prof. Seeman, who will then give you guided reading tasks in his book: Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems (Table Of Contents), supplemented by exercises to improve your skills, and a video/DVD that demonstrates these skills by watching the ineffective teacher vs. the effective teacher.

To register: Registration Form
Questions? Frequently Asked Questions
or write Prof. Seeman at: [email protected]


  1. Complete the Registration Form.
  2. Class size is usually 5-10 participants, so that you can get optimal, individual attention and help during the course.
  3. The course starts on a Monday, and goes for 7 weekly Assignments, given out each Monday or before, and then due on Saturday. However, students have more than two weeks after the last Assignment to complete the course. (Extensions are also possible.)
    The Assignments consist of: weekly guided readings in the text (about 2 Chapters/wk); training exercises to improve skills; sharing answers with other educators in the class, and short written responses to these via email - so that you can do the homework at your convenience. The assignments take about 3 hours per week.
  4. You will be able to view demonstrations of the book's suggestions at your own convenience on your own training video. And, you will be able to choose skill-training exercises at the end of each chapter that will help you practice new skills to manage your specific concerns.
  5. Those who are already teaching will be able to try and apply these new skills on the job, with back-up from Prof. Seeman.
  6. You will be able to share and discuss your problems, questions, and answers with the other students in this class at any time at the special Class Discussion site online via email or, if you wish, a private chat at your own convenience (see 8. below). All communications will be with total privacy and confidentiality using your own course nickname and password (Privacy Policy).
  7. There are no exams or research papers. You are just asked to write a final set of guidelines for yourself for being a better teacher from what you have learned in the course. The course is a seminar of professionals where you can work on the areas you want to improve regarding your own teaching and classroom management skills. The style and methods of each teacher are respected; fellow students do not judge one another.
  8. You will be able to communicate directly with the instructor via email any time, and have the instructor as your private consultant regarding any of your education problems. There is no need for specific commitments to time or day; you will be able to receive and reply to emails any time that is best for you. There are no required class time meetings, nor synchronous chats, unless you want to arrange that with one of your fellow students in the class.
  9. During the first week, we will all just share our concerns and the problems we have had, or fear we will have. You will learn that you are not alone: handling "discipline problems" is the most reported problem nationally among teachers of all grades. The instructor will set up a guide for you to start working on preventing and handling your specific problems. We will also read the first chapters: "You're Not Alone" and "Using this Book as a Handbook".
  10. During the other six weeks, we will all be guided in our reading of: Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems; A Classroom Management Handbook. We will share our specific problems, try training exercises together to improve our skills, and chat with each other to work on our specific classroom problems with the guidance of Prof. Seeman. Click here for the Table of Contents of the Handbook. Also see: Course Syllabus.
  11. At the end of the successful completion of the training during this professional seminar/course, you will receive A Certificate of Competence in Classroom Management and the Prevention of Discipline Problems and A Letter Of Reference for your use from the instructor, a nationally recognized expert in classroom management, and qualifications to become a member of The Educator's Support Forum.
For further questions about the course, try the FAQs. If you have other questions, you can ask Prof. Seeman at: [email protected]


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