Online Resources

  1. For an excellent list of resources, go to p. 217-225 in the course text: Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems, 3rd Edition.
  2. Distance Learning Resource Network
  3. [email protected] Any question. They will research it for you and get back to you via email.
  4. The Teachnet Listserv: Subscribe/Unsubscribe Form online at: To post a message, email: [email protected]
  5. NetTeach News: This is one of the longest running publications on networking and K-12 education. It covers what is happening in and out of the classroom with K-12 networking, with tips, lesson plans, etc.
  6. U.S. Department of Education: From Goals 2010 to upcoming grants, the Department of Education provides a collection of resources for teachers, parents, and researchers. In addition to statistics, research results, calendars of events, and links to other educational resources, users can search Department of Education documents and request them to be sent via postal mail.
  7. EdWeb: General education resources.
  8. Education World and Education Week (great online teacher newsletters with all kinds of education help) at: and at:
  9. For classroom management sites: or Search Google for Classroom Management
  10. For your students: Homework help on Homework Hotline
  11. Problem Solving for Principals: A team of principals report: "How I handled" various administrative problems successfully.
  12. Online Newsletter for Middle School Teachers: Full of practical articles. To subscribe send an email to [email protected] with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
  13. Online sites to help make learning Math fun:
  14. Lesson plans using cooperative learning to teach math
  15. Interactivate: Free courseware for math and math-related science: activities, lessons / discussions. Dozens of virtual manipulables that can be used online. Also aligns the materials with many math textbooks.
  16. The Incredible Art Department: This is an excellent art resource for highly successful, well researched lessons, museums, artists and a link there to Art Talk where art teachers go on line to discuss art education.
  17. A resource for grant writing & getting the supplies needed for your classroom.
  18. for $20/yr. you can get lesson plans on any subject area: K-12, print out rewards, calendars, forms, make games out of vocab words, reading comp., science, get monthly theme ideas, newsletter, etc.
  19. an encyclo*diction*almanac*apedia; a great place for students to begin research on any topic, with a search tool and toolkit for teachers to help with lesson planning, plagiarism discussions, etc. The site won 2006 Codie Award for Best Education Search Service.
  20. The Ed Index: K-12 resources, publications, tutorials, teaching units, lesson plans, staff presentations, etc. Just type in what you need, and it searches for you.
  21. A Guide to Online Education Resources: This New York Times guide was a top-clicked story for the ASCD SmartBrief newsletter during a recent week. The NYT describes it best, not surprisingly: "Thousands of pieces of free educational material - videos and podcasts of lectures, syllabuses, entire textbooks - have been posted in the name of the open courseware movement. But how to make sense of it all? Businesses, social entrepreneurs and 'edupunks,' envisioning a tuition-free world untethered by classrooms, have created Web sites to help navigate the mind-boggling volume of content." The article highlights six such sites, where you'll find not only help for your classroom but for your personalized professional development needs.
  22. Wikipedia: An online encyclopedia that your students can read, edit, and contribute to. Great place for them to publish their ideas and work to millions of other students, and on almost any subject. And, to do so, they have to read and learn about these subjects! Careful, it is not like an old fashioned, reliable encyclopedia:
    But, it can be a great active learning exercise for your classes.
  23. Here are 100 YouTube videos that can provide supplementary information for the class, give inspiration, help you keep control of class and even provide a few laughs here and there:
    100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers on all subject areas
  24. Timesavers for Teachers: Complete collection of printable, often-used classroom forms, spelling activities, 1000 writing prompts, worksheets, award certificates, MATH forms... lots of FREE stuff, immediate download and use.
  25. Websites for teaching Spanish:
  26. Doing The Flipped Classroom
  27. Keeping Track: Free to Teachers (and students and parents) to help them keep track of rewards, warnings/penalties, behaviors of students so you can follow thru systematically, consistently.
  28. Other ways, besides what is suggested in the Text, to learn student names: Learning Your Students' Names: Fun, Fast, Easy and Important
  29. Student Behaviors and Rules Reporting Rubric: A chart you can print/send to parents to "contract" with them regarding their son's/daughter's behavior; you can revise it to suit your classroom rules.
  30. Help with homework: Apps for your students.
  31. Help with differentiating instruction in order to teach students of varying ability levels.
  32. When children feel a sense of belonging, they are more ready to learn. By Leah Davies, M.Ed
  33. Now that technology is often available in many schools, this is very useful: Retrieving and Carrying Electronic Devices by Harry and Rosemary Wong
If you wish to suggest other sites, or have any comments about these, please email Prof. Seeman at: [email protected]. Thank you.

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