Course/Tutorial Dates

The course starts on a Monday, and goes for 7 weekly Assignments, given out each Monday. Below are the start dates for each Session, and the date the last Assignment is given out. However, students have more than two weeks after the last Assignment to complete the course.

The Assignments take about 2 hours per week and consist of: weekly guided readings in the text (about 2 Chapters per week); training exercises to improve skills; sharing answers with other educators in the class, and short written responses to these via email - so that you can do the homework at your convenience. Prof. Seeman, a national consultant on all kinds of classroom management problems, helps each student individually, with the group sharing similar problems - all with total anonymity. Assignments are usually sent to students on Sunday/Monday, and not due until the end of the week, on Saturday.

If you are interested in the course/class, send an email to Prof. Seeman at: [email protected] and the date you wish to start the class. Once there are at least 3 educators registered for the course on your dates (Registration Form), the course will begin.

You can help this process by encouraging other colleagues to take the course with you on your dates. It is usually very beneficial to do this course with other colleagues you know.

However, you do not have to wait for a class to assemble! You can take an Individual Tutorial, or a 3-6 hour Module, which can be personally arranged (with the same content, training and Certification of Competence and Reference Letter as the course) but with more attention to your specific concerns - for the same fee, and done at your own pace and convenience.

Go to: Registration Form for all the options possible.

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