Application for Instructor/Leader

Please print this page to fill it out

I am interested in becoming a paid instructor of this online course and/or a paid workshop leader of these skills. I attest to the accuracy of my documentation here and agree, if I meet all the qualifications, to abide by the financial arrangements below.
  1. Your Name (please print)_______________________________________



    City:______________________   State:____   Zip Code:_______________

    Phone: (_____)_________________________


  2. Applicants must have been a teacher/educator in a classroom setting, or a guidance counselor/administrator for at least 5 years, and have experience teaching other educators. Below are the institution(s) I have worked in, description of my role, and the dates:

  3. Please attach a letter of reference from your principal and/or supervisor.
  4. Applicants need to hold an M.A. degree or higher. Please list your degrees, the granting institution(s), and the dates.

  5. Applicants need to be familiar with the following computer skills: sending/receiving email, going to websites, copying/pasting text and files, and organizing files into folders.
  6. One must first complete the course successfully as a regular student, and have this Application accepted by Prof. Seeman, in order to become a Trainee.
  7. Trainees first work on learning how to respond to students by working on four email training exercises over about a one week period, just prior to the start of the next online course. Then, the Trainee becomes an Intern during one full session of the course - working with his/her own student, with feedback and support from Prof. Seeman. The Trainee/Intern fee to become an Instructor is $300.
  8. If I (Trainee) completes the training satisfactorily, I will receive Certification as Instructor of the Online Course: "Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems" and a Letter of Qualification.
  9. If I then also wish to become: a Workshop Leader of these skills (in order to be hired as a consultant to train other educators live at various schools):
    • I will first have been an Instructor of this online course for at least two sessions.
    • While teaching the course the second time, Professor Seeman will give me the added training to become a paid Workshop-Leader.
    • The Workshop Leader Training fee is $300.
  10. Professor Seeman will be available to consult with and assist each newly certified Instructor/Workshop Leader, and help with outreach for prospective online students and clients for workshops.
  11. Financial Agreement as a Qualified Instructor/Workshop Leader:
    1. An Instructor of an Online Course or Workshop Leader receives the following fees:
      • Workshop Leader: 100% of the pay for the workshop, assuming that each participant in the workshop purchases one Book and one Video. Otherwise, 80% of the pay for the workshop. Workshop Leaders usually get paid about $1000-$1500 for a 3 hour session or $2500 for an all day workshop.
      • Instructor of the Online Course:
        1. Students are referred to new Instructors (for pay) when Prof. Seeman's Session has more students than he can instruct, or when a student comes from the new Instructor.
        2. Instructors get paid according to the following fee schedule:
          1 - 2 students: 70% of the Registration Fees.
          3 - 4 students: 80% of the Registration Fees.
          5 - 6 students: 90% of the Registration Fees.
          7 or more students: 100% of the Registration Fees.
          (See the website for the new, current Registration Fee.)
    2. Professor Seeman will:
      • Advertise the course via: his publisher, educators who know his work, search engine tools, previous students, buyers of his Book/Video, and email lists.
      • Collect and manage the course registration & workshop fees for the Instructor/Workshop Leader.
      • Ship all course materials to participants, and pay the Instructor at the end of satisfactorily teaching the course/workshop, according to A. above.

      If I am certified to become an Instructor of this course, I agree to abide by the Privacy Policy, the above financial agreements, and application information, and understand that I cannot use or distribute any variation of the course's files, nor be the Instructor of any variation of this course, without the written consent of Howard Seeman, Ph.D. (Federal Copy Right ©).

      Your Signature:___________________________   Date:____________

      Please print this page, and mail it (with your Instructor Trainee or Workshop Leader fee of $300 made out to:)

                 "Prof. Howard Seeman"
                 c/o Pro-Education Media
                 20 River Court - Suite 1404
                 Jersey City, NJ    07310

                 Or fax to: 201-420-6555 (Faxing? Send alert to: [email protected] )
      (Check enclosed or mailed via regular post.)

      Reminder: Please attach the appropriate documents as requested above.

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