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Howard Seeman, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Founder / Supervisor of Instruction,

Dr. Seeman, Professor Emeritus of Lehman College, City University of New York, has taught classroom management, educational psychology, course-content methods, and supervised teachers and student teachers since 1970. His book, Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems; A Classroom Management Handbook is now in its 3rd edition, with its own companion training Video, used by school districts, administrators, teacher trainers and teachers in more than 45 states coast to coast in the U.S., and in more than ten overseas countries and international schools since 1988. He has also recently published: Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Colleges; A Campus and Classroom Handbook for Higher Education.

He has also published over 20 articles in professional journals on education, counseling, philosophy, and psychology, and recently has been a major contributor to online education publications and resources. Dr. Seeman also holds Certification for Training in School Violence Prevention and Intervention, and has been an expert legal/court witness regarding "teacher/school abuse".

Dr. Seeman has been interviewed on various radio-talk shows and has been the keynote speaker at numerous national education conferences. He has given over 50 workshops and lectures throughout the U.S. on classroom management, prevention of disruptive behavior, and emotional education. He was a visiting professor in Japan from 1990 to 1992.

Prior to being a professor and consultant, Dr. Seeman was a camp director for ten years, co-directed a camp for emotionally disturbed children, worked in children's shelters, and taught in the New York City public schools as a licensed substitute teacher, and full-time High School English and Social Studies teacher.

Prof. Seeman has taught a course: "Preventing Discipline Problems and Classroom Management" for over 25 years, now online!

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Prof. H. Seeman's Bio

Jacquelyn Knochel

Mrs. Jacquelyn Knochel, M.A.
Adjunct Instructor, ClassroomManagementOnline

Mrs. Knochel earned her B.A. in Elementary Education at Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan in 1990, graduating Summa Cum Laude with subject endorsements in science, social studies, and language arts, and in 1993 also earned a math endorsement. In 2003 she completed her M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on English Language Learners from Arizona State University.

She is currently an 8th grade pre-algebra teacher at Tempe Elementary School District, where she also works on developing curriculum and conducts training for new and tenured teachers, as well as mentoring several student teachers. She has also worked as a substitute teacher for 6½ years.

Mrs. Knochel has received: the Rookie Teacher of the Year Award; a Tempe Diablos Award for Excellence in Education; The Arizona Educator Award by the Arizona Institute of Architecture; and more than forty other awards by various engineering societies for the Future City Competition.

She first took this course as a teacher, and then successfully, with excellence, finished the training and internship to be a Certified Instructor of this course.

Mrs. Knochel is married, has two children, four grandchildren and has foster-parented 10 children. On top of all this, she still finds time to volunteer in her church, school district, and community.

Cheryl Moss

Ms. Cheryl Moss, M.Ed.
Adjunct Instructor, ClassroomManagementOnline

B.S. in Elementary Education, Brigham Young University, 1998, with an emphasis in Life Science. M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, Grand Canyon University, 2006 with an emphasis on Reading. Endorsed Reading Specialist and soon to be endorsed in Gifted Education, and Structured English Emersion.

She has taught first and fourth grades, and is currently teaching in Tempe Elementary School District as part of the Gifted Education Department, K-8, where she is responsible for curriculum development, consulting with regular classroom teachers, and professional development presentations.

She first took this course as a teacher, and then successfully, with excellence, finished the training and internship to be a Certified Instructor of this course.

She comes from a family where education and classroom management have always been important. Both parents and three of her siblings are all involved in education K-12.

Stephen R. Wilhelm

Stephen R. Wilhelm

Employed in rotating years at:

  • Queens College. "College Now Program"
  • NY City College of Technology. "Academic Learning Center"
  • John Jay College. "Upward Bound Program"

BA University of Pennsylvania 1969, MBA New York University 1974
Graduate work in Education at CCNY and College of St. Mary

75 Henry Street, 28E   Brooklyn, NY 11201
646 645 7339   [email protected]

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