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From College Professors/Instructors:
  • Being the Director of the Center for Teaching Support at Trident Technical, I provide classroom management training for our colleges' faculty on many campuses, sometimes focusing on preventing and handling disruptive behavior in the face-to-face classrooms. I was glad to find Prof. Howard Seeman's book Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Colleges: A Campus and Classroom Management Handbook for Higher Education via an online search, as well as his classroom management website, and was excited to learn that he also offered speaking events, as well as an online training class and resources for faculty.

    After reading some of the book online, I decided to order a copy because the information was exactly what our faculty needed. Then, after reading the book and agreeing with its information, I recommended Howard Seeman to the VP of our college as the keynote speaker for our annual faculty meeting.

    On Aug. 13, 2012, not only did he present to over 300 faculty members, he also met with all the academic deans for a working lunch session, and then conducted a 2-hour workshop to academic department heads, program coordinators and instructors. Now, after his help with them, the workshop participants serve as disruptive behavior resources for all their departments.

    The Center for Teaching Support, that sponsored the event, is now able to offer disruptive behavior training customized for our faculty, thanks to Prof. Seeman's input to our staff. This would not have been possible without his guidance and handbook Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Colleges.

    We have currently purchased about 150 copies of his handbook and distributed them to faculty, as well as placed them in the faculty libraries of all our campuses. This handbook is a wonderful resource that includes online video samples, training exercises and checklists. New and veteran faculty will find this handbook very useful and informative. I especially found these chapters very helpful: Chapters 1, 2 and 4 on the different categories of students that tend to be disruptive, their typical disruptive behaviors, and how instructors should better react to or prevent these disruptions. Also, an explanation of how to distinguish "miscalls" from real discipline problems, as well as: how teachers need to be "congruent" – which was also very eye-opening and inspiring.
    Michelle Smith, Director, Center for Teaching Support, Trident Technical College, Charleston, S.C., Sept. 28, 2012

  • I am a college instructor of Civil Engineering. After taking this online course, I believe that every college teacher should also undergo similar training. I believe it would make a difference, especially for those professors teaching technical subjects and have little or no knowledge of what affects the better management of classroom behavior of disruptive students, especially in higher education. Most of us know the subject we teach well, but few of us know enough about how to prevent and/or handle difficult student behaviors. I recommend this course highly to my colleagues in higher education.
    Anna Ovanesova, Ph.D., Washington

  • Although I came into this tutorial for the college version of this course involuntarily and with a huge chip on my shoulder (actually, more like a brick on my shoulder), I found it to be very useful. After 23 years of teaching at the university level, I have watched the students deteriorate in terms of both their academic and their social skills. My students believe they can wander in late and leave early, can walk in and out of my classroom at will while I am teaching, use their cell phones during class and spend the hour on facebook on their computers. They also seem to lack the ability to separate feelings from fact or how to argue without ad hominem attacks on their opponents which is an issue when teaching political science courses that deal with highly charged issues such as abortion and gay rights. Professor Seeman's course provided me with some very good tools for dealing with the former issues and his clear compassion for me and my frustrations (indeed, anger) has allowed me to rethink my role as a teacher and my approaches to teaching so that I can deal with the latter. I have already recommended this course to my colleagues, our Learning Enhancement Center's instructional designers, and my Dean. I hope to convince our Learning Enhancement Center to make this course a part of the year long program they run for new faculty and I will be contacting our Faculty Senate in the hope of bringing Professor Seeman to our campus for a workshop or two to introduce all the faculty to his course.

    I highly recommend this course for new faculty, but even more for us veterans who are experiencing this gigantic generation gap. Professor Seeman's course and his care and compassion for our frustrations can make a big difference in your classes and will certainly help reduce your stress levels.
    Kate Greene, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

From K-12 Teachers Who Took The Course:
  • Because of Prof. Seeman's course, nothing short of a miracle has taken place in room 225! I am finally enjoying my students and they me. I don't cringe when I open my eyes in the morning and realize it is time to get ready for work. Teaching has never, EVER been a job for me but rather a passion; however, I thought I had lost that forever.

    In the course, the students were lead by Prof. Seeman to share their strengths and weaknesses, sorrows and pains, victories and defeats so openly with each other and me. It freed me to open my heart and pour out the pain I was silently suffering. I never would have made it without all of you, and especially Prof. Seeman, ever vigilant, ever encouraging, ever guiding in the right direction. Some corrections were harder to accept than others but just as Prof. Seeman promised, what was so difficult to implement in the beginning, is now handsomely paying off. I have found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow called joy and peace in the classroom. The video, besides the Book, was especially helpful for me to see examples of typical classroom misbehaviors and teacher miscalls, as well as the proper way to handle these behaviors.

    I can hardly wait for next year when I will begin with a clean slate in a well-prepared classroom and with a well thought out, well-planned set of rules and consequences to present to my new students. I am also very thankful that although late, my present students are now benefiting from what I've learned from Prof. Seeman and this course. I am glad to be able to present this gift to them: a teacher who now knows how to manage her classroom and help them.

    Prof. Seeman was professional, supportive, compassionate, and readily available to any and all questions or concerns. He was so committed to addressing the expressed needs and concerns in every homework assignment. It was apparent from his comments that he read and reflected on not only what each student said, but also how those comments and understanding impacted the students work with their classroom interventions.

    Thank you Prof. Seeman so much for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and compassion on struggling teachers. The impact of your work will be felt for generations to come. God bless you. Though we've never met face-to-face, we've formed a bond not easily broken. You will always be a part of my life.
    Sybil Wilson, Bronx, New York

  • This course has been the most effective class I have ever taken. As a beginning teacher, I felt hopeless, frustrated and ineffective. I was worried that teaching may not be the profession for me. After taking this class, I feel totally empowered. I watched my classroom transform as I used the strategies I learned in this course. Each day has been easier and easier. The kids are more cooperative, respectful, and engaged in learning. The strategies I am using make so much more sense than some of the traditional methods that most teachers follow. I kept asking myself, "Why did I not know about this sooner?!"

    This class should be required for all individuals in education who impact the lives of children. For those teachers who are just starting out, this is the class that will help you to breathe easier and avoid the mistakes that will cause you hassle and frustration.
    Lyza Ericksen, Middle School teacher, Tempe, Arizona

  • ...some teachers quit the teaching profession because they can't handle the students.... When I was a new teacher, I was often able to create wonderful organized lessons, that were also fun and upbeat...I was on the right track... [However] the ultimate challenge is guiding them to discipline themselves, to think, to listen and to conduct themselves appropriately. Thus, Classroom Management is crucial.

    I have encountered a lot of trainings in this area and have read through a lot of books on classroom management but none is as solid and as concrete as Professor Howard Seeman's with its online course. The books themselves are substantial, which cover not only the root problem but also the solutions to every problem in detail.....he even has some suggested activities for every subject matter... makes you think he's a multi-faceted teacher who can help on any subject matter. Amazing isn't it? Another noteworthy point, he identifies behavioral problems with proper namesakes i.e. Incongruence, Miscall....

    It is truly a worthwhile course... It can help you go miles and become your best professional self....

    Karry C. Roque, ESL Teacher from the Philippines

  • The course, Classroom Management Online, offered by Howard Seeman, Ph.D is right on TIME any TIME! Even though I am a veteran teacher, I am still plagued with some of the same issues that confronted me as a beginning teacher. His textbook, Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems, is so much more than a textbook- it's a teacher guide book, a Bible, an indispensable resource that every teacher and administrator at all levels should own. I have gained more insight into the art of teaching and why I have failed at times. Now I am armed with practical suggestions and strategies that have enabled me to start the year with confidence and the assurance of completing the year with the same. I really enjoyed the online interaction I had with Howard and my classmates. The suggestions were timely and beneficial. Additionally, Howard's training video [that comes with the course materials] is an added resource that brings the "woes" of teaching into reality. Seeing the exact classroom discipline problems enacted, and then demonstrations showing the ineffective vs. the effective methods of resolving problems - brings one to an "aha" moment. This picture (video) is worth a thousand words!
    Margaret Wright, Atlanta, Georgia

  • I cannot say enough about this wonderful course/tutorial and was sorry to see it end. Working each week on different topics, communicating honestly with another professional, and having feedback that actually helped me - almost immediately - was an incredible gift to both my students and myself. I highly recommend this course to anyone who lacks confidence in the classroom or who doubts that they can change. I know that this wonderful book also has helped me personally and professionally to grow in positive ways. The book and the course have truly helped my students and the future as well. There are absolutely more smiles and high fives and joy being brought to these children because you have helped me. Prof. Seeman: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Jo Anne Riverhead, New York

  • I just successfully completed one of the best classes I have ever taken. The class "Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems" has got to be the best teaching tool that I have been given the opportunity to participate in. This class is so on target with discipline management that it could have been written solely for my class. My only regret is that I had not had it before I started my first semester of teaching. This class gives its students every tool that is out there. The timely presentation of the subject matter along with the input from fellow classmates and feedback from Howard adds to its highly beneficial nature. This class has got to be by far the best management class I have ever taken. Armed with this information and the positive feedback and ways of implementation offered by its instructor as well as my cohorts now allows me the opportunity to be an effective teacher but more importantly to know that I can be an effective teacher. As a teacher that changed careers late in life this tool is invaluable. It would have taken years of experience to gain all of the insight that I have now at my fingertips. This class now allows me to become what I have always wanted to be, a positive influence in the life of my students. I was afraid that this would not be possible simply because I did not know how to control the actions of my students in a manner that would allow me to teach the content matter. Thanks to Howard I now know how to do this. This should be required of all first year teachers before they embark on one of the hardest jobs in the world.
    Robyn Bills, Mesa, Arizona

  • I had a pleasure of taking Dr. Seeman's classroom management course several years ago. As I was transferring my teaching skills and certificates from Europe to the United States, I needed a course that would help me in building classroom managing skills appropriate for the new social culture. Dr. Seeman's course not only met my expectations, but, in many ways, exceeded them. Many suggestions that he offered helped me in building my perception of this profession and my role in it beyond classroom management. He truly understands what impacts students' behavior, including the complex connections between teachers' personalities and attitudes, students' classroom existence, and their out-of-school environment. I recommend this course to anybody who either plans to be a teacher, is at the beginning of a teaching career, or already has years of experience in teaching. No matter in what period of this profession one is, everybody will find this course extremely useful. Dr. Seeman, in his unique and very powerful way, through his great book, a fantastic video, and excellent online forum, lets us into the world of interaction between teachers and students and shows us the ways of improving this interaction greatly. I am a teacher with over ten years of experience in teaching in two countries and years of studying in two different cultures, but I can say without hesitation that this course offers knowledge impossible to acquire anywhere else and from anybody else.

    Barbara Vokatis, Graduate Assistant, PhD candidate at State University of New York, Albany, New York

  • Reading the book, watching the Video, and participating in this very effective on line course is a gift I have given myself and my students. Through intense and honest self-reflection, sharing, and thinking through the eight weeks I have watched myself (and other participants) grow, my students become more settled, and have begun enjoying teaching at a deeper level. I am truly grateful to Dr. Seeman for sharing his understanding, patience, and kindness; I highly recommend this approach to learning how to better manage behaviors both the teacher's and the students'. I would rate the instructor as a 10 + because he is clear, consistent, outlines his expectations, I know and understand what I need to work on, and he is approachable and understanding. I am deeply in dept for the magic of Dr. Howard, my ongoing transformation and its impact on the carriers of our future - the kids.
    Michelle Peacock, Scottsdale, Arizona

  • This course is definitely worth taking! I got so much out of it! The course empowers you to become a better teacher and person. I feel like I have a much better understanding of classroom management and I am so ready to get a fresh start next year. The course also offers a lot of incredible lesson plan delivery ideas and I have already successfully implemented some. The classroom management on-line course is amazing and I highly recommend any teacher or administrator taking it. Howard was a wonderful teacher and this was my first on-line course. He made the information applicable and always gave back great feedback. I also spoke with Howard on the phone and he was always warm and welcoming. I got more out of this class then any other course I ever took in college.
    Erica Esrick, Scottsdale, Arizona

  • This course was very useful to me in how I viewed virtually an unmanageable classroom discipline situation. I had encountered many problems over my 10 years in the classroom. Sometimes it even left me bereft and seeking a new career. But then Professor Seeman's course showed me many different techniques to deal with the situation effectively� Immediately, I felt more confident in the classroom than I did in years before. This was the most effective education course I ever took. �I would highly recommend everyone take it by the master on the subject—Prof. Howard Seeman.
    Marsha Newman, New York

  • The course has been very helpful in looking at my habits honestly, seeing what�s working and what isn't, generating respect for myself as a teacher and becoming much clearer regarding my specific rules and consequences. I know now how to get kids on my side, not by trying to get them to like me, but by many concrete techniques and shifts in the way I interact with them. In the video, the main principles and exercises for the course are clearly demonstrated, and you get to see actual teachers express concerns that many teachers have. Howard is a compassionate and honest teacher. I think of this book, course and all of my notes as an island of sanity and clarity that I can visit when I feel confused. Thank you.
    Margaret Martin, Litchfield, Maine

  • The course has been very beneficial to me. Because my experience was with Catholic schools and I was a foreigner [Jamaican], when I joined the ranks of public school teachers, I had a rude awakening – because discipline is such an issue. However, the classroom routines, homework policies, and classroom management aspects of your course has enabled me to be one of the most successful teachers in the schools I have worked in – since taking your course. The course's help with the establishment of classroom structure/routine, and the engagement of students in policy-making has allowed me to hold my students accountable for their behavior and ultimately their academic performance. I am proud to say that, because I learned how to maintain discipline in the classroom, I am able to practice the craft of teaching effectively; recently, I have been hailed: "lead-teacher", and head of my department, and awarded: "teacher that makes a difference" in my school district. Thank you Professor Seeman.
    Pauline Palmer, New York

  • This course was so much better than I could have ever imagined. I took it to help a couple of frustrated teachers that I coach. Quickly I became so immersed with my own students and my own teaching that, for a while, I gave the other teachers little thought. I will remedy that now. I wish I had taken this course during my teacher training at the university. But it's never too late. Classroom management is an acquired skill that I'm now well on my way to achieving from this course, with crucial self-awareness so necessary with these skills. From this course, I now have tremendous attributes and resources that are now being utilized in a positive manner. I needed information and direction to discern causes of misbehaviors and how to prevent them. Now I just need to practice these more. Thank you Howard for the positive encouragement and step-by-step breakthroughs to classroom management.
    Karen Reed, Teacher Coach, Tempe, Arizona

  • I found this course to be very instructive. In the classrooms today it is a must that you deal with the problem of discipline. This course definitely opened the doors for me to better deal with these problems. I was able to execute some of the fundamentals discussed in the book: Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems. I also learned how to deal with cheating and calling out. The text served as a quick implementing guide. This course was one of the best education courses that I have taken throughout my career as a teacher. It not only helped me with classroom discipline but also gave me the opportunity to scrutinize what and how the students think. I was able to do so because the course was about real situations that actually happened in the classroom. I never thought that this course would become such a tool!
    Bevon Dabrio, New York

  • The class as a whole was very useful for valuable knowledge and ideas that I can use in my classroom. For example, ways to handle: discipline problems, calling out, passing notes, student fights, how to set rules with consequences, how to follow through and avoid poor strategies that cause students to not respect you, etc. The course also taught me how to have discussions about making rules and how to give the students a sense of ownership. These will be great tools for me to use in my classroom structure.
    Mark Taub, New York

  • This course is a must for teachers of any branch of learning. Maintaining a disciplined class can be a daily challenge. This course gave me a "how to" guide for inhibiting disruptive behavior and securing productive class time. I consistently refer to the text: Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems for new ideas to make my classes more enjoyable for my students and me.
    Alyson Reznick, New York

  • Prof. Seeman's book and insights have done more than its full share in preparing me for the rigors and delights of the classroom; it also prepared me for the teacher certification exams, especially regarding classroom management. ..."down to earth", with useful points, addressing actual, current school situations. ...helps with the "ups and downs" of the real classroom, and how to handle classroom management problems without fear or strain.
    Byron Jno-Baptiste, New York

  • I have learned so much from taking this course. I feel more confident when I teach my classes, since I feel I know better how to prevent and deal with discipline problems. I have tried many of the things I have learned in this class already in my classes, and have seen improvements already. Now that I have taken this course, I can appreciate the organization of the book and the table of contents. I have used the book as a resource for several different discipline problems. I especially enjoy the section on "Repairing the delivery of the lesson." I found many good ideas for changing the instruction that I would like to use. I highly recommend this course to any teacher or future teacher who would like to improve their teaching.
    Teresa Hopkins, Rhode Island

  • This course has been immensely helpful to me; I have discovered more about myself as a person and as a teacher than I did in my first three years of teaching. Through this course, I was able to take an introspective look at Shawn the person and Shawn the teacher and learn just where I need to be as the teacherperson. I was able to correct how much of a friend vs. teacher I could be with my students.

    Also, while taking this course, I learned better ways to create rules that I felt congruent with and therefore feel comfortable enforcing. This process, learned in both the book and the course, is a more valuable tool than trying to borrow from other teachers' rules. I now have better guidelines for disciplining my students. Thank you!
    Shawn Hackshaw, New Hampshire

  • I'm glad I took this class. This class has really made a difference in my teaching. I look at everything differently. I am much more aware of what I'm doing: I'm aware when I make miscalls, when I'm not being congruent, and now I'm using warning consequences, which I didn't do before. I'm becoming a better teacherperson. This year on a scale of 1-10, I'm having a 9; whereas in the past I was never getting above a 5. Now that my classroom management has improved, my teaching skills are improving. This is the first year that I can say without reservation that I am fully enjoying teaching. Howard, thanks for your help!
    Chris Davis, Brooklyn, New York City

  • I feel like Dr. Seeman's class has given me some very valuable tools. First and foremost, I know when I don't have to react (miscalls and ducking). Secondly, I know how to find my biggest classroom disruptions and nip them in the bud before they start, by setting forth very specific rules, warning steps and consequences. I have also learned to make sure I am being me in the classroom and that I need to agree with what I am teaching and how I am teaching it. I can't wait for next year to begin so I can implement my new knowledge!
    Jessica L Jaffe, Mesa, Arizona

  • I think the course was excellent. It answered my questions very well and gave me confidence in a classroom environment. I think every teacher should take this course. It covers preventing problems before they occur. It really addresses a lot of areas that are not covered in college courses.
    Emily Williams, Whitakers, North Carolina

  • I have had countless educational courses over the years, but I never had one that deals directly and consistently with what is going on in today's public schools in America. This course should be a pre-requisite for all education majors. It addresses the good, the bad and the ugly of what's actually going on in schools from someone who has been there and gotten his hands dirty. The course promotes methods that achieve results on a variety of fronts. The book from the course is the only educational text that I have ever used on a weekly basis.
    Michael E. Tasker, Levittown, Pennsylvania

  • This course has been extremely helpful to me. It assured me that my instincts were right in many ways and also gave me ways to handle issues that I wasn't sure how to handle. I want to thank you so much for your help and guidance. It was reassuring to know that you were "there for me" to help me in my classroom management struggles. I am looking forward to continuing to grow in my teaching and classroom management skills in your Educator's Support Forum. I don't quite know how to express it in words, but you are an excellent teacher. You responded to my concerns and questions in a timely manner. You were supportive and honest in your feedback. Your comments were not "sugar coated"…I always knew that you truly believed what you were saying. This has definitely been the most beneficial class I have taken. Thank you again!
    Lisa Whitcomb, Sunland, California

  • I taught college for 20 years with no problems. But now, given younger kids to teach was a real eye-opener. I needed to learn new tools for handling the classroom. And I am pleased to say that I have benefited tremendously from this course. A major plus for me is that I no longer believe that I have to "win" the students, to be their friend, or to be well-liked—well, I still do somewhat, as I think it is a natural proclivity of mine—but I am working on it. I no longer have to have everyone's attention at all times, which is another good thing that I am conscious of in my day-to-day interactions with my students. I have learned about miscalls, about the various types of discipline problems and how to treat them. While taking the course –before I had even completed it – I had already begun to see improvement, and I expect more to come as I more fully absorb and put these solutions to work. After a while, I expect that they will come to me naturally.

    Additionally, a few words about working with Howard, the professor of the course: when I was sick one week, he was more than generous with his time and flexible with our schedule; he also responded almost immediately to any questions I might have had and to each homework assignment I sent in. He was a genuine pleasure to work with.
    Thank you for everything, Howard!
    Dr. Patricia Palermo, New Jersey

  • I am a teacher from Taiwan. This course has made me aware of the fact that teachers are very often the source of students' misbehaviors, and therefore before dealing with students' behaviors, I need to deal with my own behaviors first. And I have also gained a new level of understanding of discipline, and that is discipline is to help children learn self-discipline, and to help children learn. I should always remember to separate the student's discipline problems from the student as a person and ask questions in a way that helps the student gain confidence. This has been a rewarding learning experience, and I feel my professional self esteem has increased so much. Besides, what has made this learning experience inspirational for me is the instructor's attitude. Dr. Seeman has always listened to us nonjudgementally and respected everyone's feelings, experiences, and opinions. I experienced the importance and impact of modeling.
    Hsieh Hui Yu, Chiayi, Taiwan

  • This class was valuable for me, especially these topics: Students Who Call Out; Miscalls; Rules and Warnings Guidelines; and Delivery of Your Lesson Plan. The course provided me with awareness of my weaknesses through honest reflections. By consistently reflecting on the course questions that Prof. Seeman asked, and the comments he provided, he helped me understand what I needed to practice in order to be an effective teacher. I found him: insightful, helpful, and knowledgeable! Also, using the book and the demonstration-video provided me with the necessary techniques to handle classroom management problems from occurring in the first place. Finally, this class gave me the necessary guidelines I can use in virtually any classroom.
    Stephen DeSerio, Bronx, New York

  • After taking Professor Seeman's course, I realize that I can be a better teacher. I would give Professor Seeman a 10 out of 10. After last school year, I was very discouraged. However, the guidelines in this course have helped me to not feel that I have to win students' feelings for them to learn, but how to win their behavior. I used to feel guilty about enforcing deadlines or managing disruptions, and I thought the only way to get them to cooperate was to be nice or teach them about manners in a nice or motherly way. Now I know how to manage their behavior using clear and direct rules in order to be successful. This course has helped me to recognize the specific flaws in my previous teaching strategies. I can now be a better teacherperson this coming school year, thanks to this course. The book, used in the course, was also wonderful; a resource I will use often. And the Video used in the course helped me to recognize my own ineffectiveness as a teacher. Thank you, Professor Seeman. You have no idea how much I needed your insightful suggestions to help me.
    Linda Gallagher, Sunrise, Florida

  • I would rate the care given students in this course: Excellent. I thought the feedback was honest and helpful. If we were off track Prof. Seeman would steer us back to the direction you intended for us to go without passing judgment on our comments and input. I really appreciated the way he included positive feedback in a response that he might have been correcting. He took all of our concerns seriously and never once made us feel that our issues or questions were insignificant. Professor Seeman has given me freedom from unreal expectations of classroom control. I have much more self confidence and know that to be successful in the classroom I need to follow my own instincts even if they differ from those of my colleagues. The techniques and guidelines I learned in this course are invaluable. This course is enlightening and should be mandatory for all college students in teacher education programs.
    Lynne Ouellette, New Hampshire

  • Taking this course was the best decision and investment I have made since I started teaching. It helped me to see myself, the classroom and my interactions with my students from an observer's point of view. Then it was easy to identify the problems, understand what I was doing wrong and prevent/correct the problems. Dr. Seeman is an excellent professor. He is strong but compassionate. He understands and gives practical advice. He is the voice of wisdom for me, as a teacher trying to take control of my classroom. The level of care and attention in this online course was superior. Dr. Seeman was quick to send his response back to the students. Concerns were usually addressed in less than 24 hours Also, the book used in the course [in conjunction with the training video] is easy to read and full of examples one can relate to immediately. It is an excellent resource to have by my desk at school.
    Isabel Kovalik, Durham, North Carolina

  • I have found a number of things in this course really helpful. Having a warning system has allowed me to not blurt out crazy warnings and lose respect in the student's eyes when they see that I am not controlling myself. Building knowledge about congruency and miscalls has been very significant for my maintaining positive student relationships in a way that I didn't do before I had this knowledge. I regularly implement many ideas from the course. In particular, I follow the guidelines for late homeworks and calling out. I highly recommend this course because it is a beautiful blend of theory that one can hold on to in making decisions along with a lot of great suggestions for the nitty gritty things that go on in the class. The mix of an extremely organized and insightful book, a professor who is knowledgable, insightful, supportive, and practical and video clips that really do a good job of solidifying one's understanding of the concepts, are what make this a course different from any graduate course of its kind that I have taken.
    Jonathan Rothenberg, Bronx, New York

  • I have been in the teaching profession for over fifteen years and have had a relatively great teaching career after retiring from the armed services. During that time, I have taken a number of classroom management courses including assertive discipline, but none have been as good as this one. The focus of this course, to me, is to make classroom management real - by the teacher putting himself into every aspect of the class experience. This approach takes a lot of burden off the teacher by allowing the teacher to just be himself. Accomplishing this goal is what the concepts in this book teach. It will take any teacher to that level if the course is approached with an open mind. I recommend it to all teachers. The professor makes himself available for all concerns that a teacher may have. It is an excellent course.
    Oscar Crenshaw, Alabama

  • The course, Pro-Ed Media: Classroom Management Online, was a godsend to me! The online format of this course, allowed me to be able to complete the course with the assistance of a highly qualified instructor, Professor Seeman, and it further allowed the opportunity to share the experience with other teacher students who honestly communicated their challenges and insights in a variety of situations (positive and negative) in the classroom and school environment. I am grateful to Professor Seeman and my colleagues for their part in my learning process in the online course.

    The content of the course is highly valuable to inexperienced teachers because it promotes the kind of self-study and reflective attitude that is necessary to develop each teacher's best communicative skills in teaching students. All teachers may benefit from this course however, in that no one knows everything. Knowledge already owned is reinforced and there are new strategies to be gained to assist in any area where you may need some assistance as a veteran teacher.

    I highly recommend this course. You will take from it exactly what you are willing to honestly put into it keeping open to developing those disciplinary strategies that are, for you, most effective in the classroom. You will be enabled by this course to enjoy all your interactions in your teaching experience more.
    Ellen, Ontario, Canada

  • This course has been a lifesaver. Finding effective ways to manage a classroom has always been a priority of mine. Unfortunately, many of the methods and plans that I implemented did not work as well as I had hoped. Then I found this very comprehensive online course that was able to pinpoint the difficulties and help me find practical solutions. I loved the depth of the course and the confidential support/interaction with other teachers online. I am now much better at knowing which student behaviors to react to and which to ignore. I am making fewer miscalls, being more consistent, following through with my rules, and have a workable reward system. As I have implemented Professor Seeman's suggestions, my passion for teaching has been rekindled. I feel more confident, excited, and empowered. I highly recommend this course to all teachers, education students, principals and professors of education. I found more practical advice and wisdom in this online course than in many of my college courses.
    Scott Diamond, Long Island, New York

  • I can say without a doubt that this course has been extremely helpful. I have learned more classroom management techniques from this course than I learned in my years at teachers' college. What I appreciated most was the practical nature of the suggestions given. I could try them almost instantaneously with my class. The video gave me the opportunity to see the suggested strategies in action. I now know how to save valuable instructional time by distinguishing miscalls form discipline problems. The course has provided me with tips on how to organize my environment and enhance the quality of my lessons. One of the most important lessons learned from the course is that every aspect of teaching has a relationship with discipline and classroom management. Some persons are of the opinion that discipline problems only come from the home but this course has taught me that there exists a multiplicity of reasons. It has caused me to reflect on my planning and organizational skills which are key to the success of both teacher and student.
    Jamar Davis, Barbados, West Indies

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