Reviews of Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems

3rd Edition Book and Video by Howard Seeman, Ph.D.

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"This is a book/video all about classroom management, probably the most discussed topic of teachers in staff rooms around the globe. Seeman has put together a handbook on classroom management that has a wealth of ideas....The book promotes prevention as the best alternative in most classroom management situations and it is written in such a manner that it can easily be picked up and used as either a training manual or an ongoing guide. Highly recommended. An excellent book. There is also a video which accompanies the book in which the author uses visual examples of the ideas contained within the text. The video is also set up in such a way as to be used as a training tool, with each example linked to a specific section of the book..."

Teacher Education Quarterly

"If Prof. Seeman's course is as practical as his book, it is a course from which every teacher can benefit—especially teachers for whom classroom management is an issue. In the course, you not only have his book, you have him! If I had had the opportunity to take this course during my first years of teaching to help me with classroom management, who knows, I might still be in the classroom!"

Gary Hopkins, Editor in Chief of Education World: One of the largest, most comprehensive web sites for K-12 educators

"Seeman's book [with a training video] offers the kind of common-sense approach to classroom discipline that beleaguered teachers are looking for. Even better, the just-in-time techniques are geared toward preventing discipline problems rather than reacting to them. The information is so well organized and so complete that it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for�. tackles the nitty-gritty of classroom discipline, a thorough discussion of common discipline issues and demonstrates a deep understanding� Chock full of detailed examples of the kinds of problems in every day in real classrooms, � provides explicit techniques and strategies for dealing with those problems, [and] a training video cued to the book too! If the author left something out, it's hard to imagine what it might be!"

Education World: The Online Professional Resource for Educators

"Highly recommended. An excellent book/video...a wealth of ideas to consider and try, with an excellent list of: Rewards for the Classroom. There are other valuable sections on preventing calling out, curtailing cheating, handling homework, and over 90 methods to enhance class participation. This excellent classroom management handbook/video also has a chapter on "When Should You Call It: A Discipline Problem?" and "miscalls" a fresh and thought-inspiring concept. The author does not pull punches with many of his comments and deals with problems in a way that is both practical and honest... This training set can easily be picked up and used as either a training manual or ongoing guide."

Teacher Education Best Books of 2002: Teacher Education and The Next Step

"Well received!...Both the book and the video are recommended to all schools in Saskatchewan, Canada, that need help with emotional and behavior disorders. Also, recommended to the College of Education, University of Regina, Canada."

Gail Saunders, Coordinator of Materials Evaluation and Acquisition, Saskatchewan Department of Education, Canada

"...essential truths, invaluable for new or experienced teachers; priceless keys to rewarding teaching, beautifully demonstrated! ...a guide to successful discipline-free teaching, no matter what your style."

Carmen H. Mason, Teacher Trainer for the New York City Board of Education. Teacher of the Year, 1993 and New York City High School Teacher of English for 21 years.

"This video is a powerful change agent! ...enables teachers to feel less alone and more empowered to prevent and constructively respond to discipline problems! Rich ... far reaching and practical."

Susan G. Roth, Ed.D. Chief School Psychologist; Governor's Committee on Children's Planning for New Jersey; Senior Coordinating Superviser, Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied Professional Psychology.

"Excellent examples of troublesome situations, skillfully demonstrated... provides very practical discussion and learning for very real classroom problems."

Ronald Manyin, Coordinator of Student Teachers, Early Childhood Education, Lehman College, City University of New York.

"Every parent should see this video and have this book in order to evaluate their child's teacher, and help their child's emotional development."

Steve and Linda Wilhelm—Parents of four children, N.Y.C.

"Seeman has created a text that can be used as a self-help guide or training manual for preventing and solving discipline problems."

Educational Leadership

"A comprehensive treatment of classroom discipline. This book is not about controlling children, but rather about humanistic education with ample regard for practical solutions to disruptive behavior."

Journal of Staff Development

"All the suggestions in this book are skillfully presented and can easily be executed... I thoroughly recommend this book to every teacher. In reading and practicing what Seeman is telling us to do, we will reduce the number of discipline problems in schools."

The Journal of Educational Thought

"I have used your book for several years re: class management. I especially appreciate sections like: discriminating a behavior problem from another type of problem. [Your book] has been very useful to me and to the teachers with whom I work. Thanks for your contribution to the profession. It has been important to me and the work I do."

Jan Fisher, Staff Development Consultant, Laguna Beach, California

"I have been involved in the field of Education for the past twenty five years, working as a teacher, dean of students in High School administration, central office administration, and currently as the Deputy Associate Superintendent for the Dept. of Education , Discipline Initiative in Arizona. Dr. Seeman's course on Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems has certainly validated twelve years of bicoastal classroom experience for me, from Philadelphia to Phoenix.

I have found Dr. Seeman's course to be "right on point" in the identification of the problems encountered during the discipline of students. His text has been extremely helpful in providing techniques and skills necessary when dealing with disruptive students. The particular identification of behavior "Miscalls" and classroom disruptions versus "discipline problems" shared in Dr. Seeman's text represents the proliferation in the evolution of discipline in today's schools!

This course has been extremely useful with helping educators understand just how "huge" the role that adult behavior plays in the outcomes of STUDENT discipline.

This has been an extremely worthwhile course, augmented by an excellent video and authentic sharing by fellow students.

I highly recommend that any adult, who is in the profession of educating children, enroll in this class today!"

Dr. Ann Hart, Deputy Associate Superintendent Statewide Discipline Initiative, Arizona Department of Education

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