Workshops, Talks, and Keynote Speeches by Prof. Howard Seeman

Contact: [email protected]

  • Preventing and Handling Bullying
  • The Causes and Prevention of Classroom Disruptive Behavior, K-12
  • The Causes and Prevention of Disruptive Behavior in Colleges/Campuses
  • Designing a Better College Course Syllabus for the Prevention of Problems
  • Handling and Preventing Cheating
  • Systematic Rewards/Warnings So Your Rules/Grading Does Not Fall Apart
  • When to Call it a "Discipline Problem"; Not Making "Miscalls" and When to "Duck"
  • Engagement Methods to "Turn On" Your Students to Your Lessons
  • The Causes and the Prevention of School Violence
  • Emotional Education for the Classroom and Your School
  • Handling Key Concrete Classroom Issues: Calling Out, Homework, Latecomers, Weapons, Drug Abuse, Fighting, Bullies...
  • The Side Effects of Standardized Testing
  • Help for the Person Inside the Teacher
  • How Much of a Real Person Can I Be with My Students?

My fee is usually about $1,000 per day, plus expenses, but flexible according to the budget of the school.


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