The Course Is Very Useful For

  1. For K-12 teachers and college teachers who are experiencing classroom disruptive behavior, and/or difficult student relationships, especially where it is negatively impacting their teaching and evaluations and/or wish to fulfill N.C.L.B. course requirements. (See FAQs.)
  2. Teachers who want to get ready for a new school year / new semester / marking period—so that they can get off to a good start with regard to classroom rules, procedures, homework policies, etc.  "The best time to solve a problem is before it starts."   "A little work now will make my whole school year better!"
  3. New teachers, college education professors, and consultants who are applying for jobs and want to add this credential to their resume.
  4. Current teachers (K-12 and college professors) who are experiencing classroom management and discipline problems, and/or to help them obtain a more satisfactory evaluation toward securing tenure. (Your school may pay for this professional development.)
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  6. An educator who does not want to travel back and forth to a costly, 15-week course where you have to air your concerns in a public course arena. Instead: you can work on your own specific problems, confidentially with a password-name, in the privacy of your own home, any time, at your convenience. A better, more helpful, more practical course - and in half the time!
  7. Education instructors, consultants, teacher trainers, guidance counselors and school administrators who wish to add these skills to their credentials, in order to get paid to teach these skills at their current job to their students or staff. (Become a Paid Instructor); or need an NCLB course. (See FAQs.)
  8. Current undergraduate or graduate education students who find that their courses do not give them enough help in these areas.
  9. Substitute teachers who want help with the specific difficulties of their job.
  10. Education Consultants/Trainers who want to become paid instructors of this online course, or be paid to lead workshops at schools on classroom management skills, that can also be used as an N.C.L.B. course. (See FAQs.)
  11. Schools seeking funding for a professional development course for their staff under N.C.L.B. regulations. (See FAQs.)

More useful than the typical college course

Many prefer to take this online course much better than taking a traditional college credit course. This online course is done in seven weeks, not fourteen weeks. There is no traveling; this course is done completely online at home, at your own convenience, any time, any where. You do not have to be at your computer at a specific time. And, you do not have to try to explain your problems in the public arena of a college class, if the college class even allows you time for that. Instead, you can discuss your individual problems online in total privacy, with no one in the class ever knowing who you are. Also, in this online class, you are not in a college class of 25 or more, but in a class of only about 6 students for total individual attention. And, you do not work on a college curriculum; instead, you work on YOUR SPECIFIC  concerns regarding classroom management and discipline problems with individual help from Prof. Howard Seeman.  You do not work on "theories", but on real, actual classroom situations. And there are no abstract Research Papers or Exams. You also get to share with other experienced educators the same concerns that you have, and to form an online support group for your work now and in the future. You receive not only Certification in Classroom Management Skills, but a personal reference letter attesting to your earned skills for your use on your job or for a new job from a well known national consultant and author in this field. Finally, this online course is often less expensive than the typical college general course on: "classroom management."  For more info. about this go to: What is Wrong with Traditional Teacher Education.

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