Email-Consult with Prof. Seeman to Solve Your Problems

  1. You start out by just telling me your problems/concerns in your teaching that you would like me to work on with you to fix.

  2. There is no worry about spelling/grammar. Also, you are probably not alone with these problems. Disruptive behavior problems, teacher-job problems, are happening to teachers all over the country. Every five years, half the teachers in the U.S. leave the profession because of these kinds of problems!

  3. All your emails, all your communications, are private, at your convenience, and confidential. They are not archived or given to anyone. You can make up a confidential, private "nickname" so no one will know who you are.

  4. After you describe your situation, you can paste your words into a Word document and it will tell you your word count. Then, to consult with you via email, after you determine your word count:
    • $8 per every 50 words that you write
    • $12 for 75 words
    • $18 for 100 words
    • Or, less expensive: $28 for 200 words
    • Or best: $54 for 400 words
      Feel free to write as much or as little as you want and as often as you want.

  5. I will read your emails each time quickly, and REPLY quickly.

  6. I will REPLY IN CAPS, so you can find my REPLIES easily.

  7. There is no fee for any of my words, no matter how much I write to you.

To try this consulting via email, you will need to invest some money to see how this feels for you: at least $8 (or more), which would give you up to 50 words to try at the start to tell me what you need help with.

The money that you send is put into your account, so you can write short or long emails, till you reach your paid-for-word-total. You can refill your account any time if you want to write to me more.

Want to try this?

After you see your word count, visit SPECIAL PAYMENTS and enter $8, $12..., the payment you need/want to make; this will go into your account. You can pay via Paypal or with your credit card (having a PayPal account is not required).

Then, send me your first email describing what you need help with. I promise to RESPOND soon.
Send your email to: [email protected]

Best Regards,

Prof. Howard Seeman

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