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We offer a seven-week, confidential, distance learning course and professional seminar (or individual tutorial) on classroom management and the preventing and handling of classroom disruptive behavior in elementary, middle school, high school and college classrooms (45 credit hours, see FAQs). This comprehensive and effective course is led by Howard Seeman, Ph.D., an expert on handling disruptive behavior who has taught classroom management, educational psychology, course-content methods, and supervised teachers since 1970. The course is based on books used by school districts, administrators, teachers, and teacher trainers in more than 45 states in the U.S. and in at least 10 countries and international schools since 1988:

Participants get help with their own specific concerns—for example, what to do when students:

  • call out
  • are disrespectful or disruptive
  • don't do the homework
  • talk in class
  • cheat
  • curse
  • fight
  • come in late
  • use drugs
  • etc.

You will learn not only the best classroom procedures, rewards and warning-steps that work, but also effective ways to prevent and handle classroom behavior problems. The course/tutorial also works on helping the stressed "person inside the teacher", the most influential tool in the classroom. See the syllabus.

An Individual Course Tutorial on classroom management can also be arranged. This tutorial has total confidentiality and privacy, even if you are referred by a school administrator.

Also, a 3-6 hour module in "Classroom Management" can be arranged (with certification and reference letter upon completion) for teachers/professors who are required to fulfill this kind of mandate (from, e.g., an administrator), or teachers/professors who just want to improve their handling of disruptive behavior - all with total confidentiality and privacy, even if you are referred by a school administrator. The module consists of help directly from Prof. Seeman, with guided readings from one of the books and the training video, and short reactions/exercises from the chapters - to help you apply these to specific concerns in your teaching. The module is completed at your convenience, via email.

Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive:

A Sample of Issues the Course Addresses

  1. Do you have some suggestions to curtail cheating in my classroom?
  2. I have this kid in my class who always...
  3. I have a lot of discipline problems, like... Can you help?
  4. How can I train educators to PREVENT discipline problems?
  5. How can I stop kids from looking in my classroom door who disrupt...?
  6. What is the best procedure for...?
  7. Are there some computer resources that can help me...?
  8. What is the best rule for... and how can I enforce it?
  9. Can you help me with REWARDS instead of punishments for...?
  10. What is the best way to handle students who...?
  11. Can you suggest some better, more exciting methods for teaching this usually boring subject:_________?
  12. I am a substitute teacher, and often a cluster teacher, can you help me with...?
  13. How much of a person/friend should I be with my students?
  14. ...and many other concerns. See the Table of Contents for the course text.

The course is very useful for...

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  1. For K-12 teachers and college teachers who are experiencing classroom disruptive behavior, and/or difficult student relationships, especially where it is negatively impacting their teaching and evaluations and/or wish to fulfill N.C.L.B. course requirements. (See FAQs.)
  2. Teachers who want to get ready for a new school year / new semester / marking period—so that they can get off to a good start with regard to classroom rules, procedures, homework policies, etc.  "The best time to solve a problem is before it starts."   "A little work now will make my whole school year better!"
  3. New teachers, college education professors, and consultants who are applying for jobs and want to add this credential to their resume.
  4. More...

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Prof. Seeman's Keynote Speech: Preventing College Disruptive Behavior

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