You may wish to make copies of the questionnaire below to assess the problems and needs of teachers in your school. This should be done anonymously, tallied, and the results posted for teachers to learn they are not alone. Then, you might follow up with a workshop and make this book, H. Seeman's Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems, with the Video cued to this book available to your staff. (See the bottom of this Questionnaire)

Problems and Needs Regarding Discipline Problems

Please indicate the extent to which the following are problems for you

Always-3        Often-2 	 Sometimes-1	Never-0.
_____ 1. Disruptive behavior
_____ 2. Deciding whether I should call certain behaviors discipline problems versus letting a behavior "slide"
_____ 3. Withdrawn students
_____ 4. Winning over students'feelings
_____ 5. Sarcastic nonverbal reactions from students
_____ 6. Getting the lessons done on a time schedule
_____ 7. Getting students to participate in the lesson
_____ 8. Cursing by the students
_____ 9. Deciding the best seating arrangements
_____10. Bathroom going and a proper bathroom policy
_____11. Homework not being done
_____12. Marking all the homeworks handed in
_____13. Late homework
_____14. My homework policy in general
_____15. Latecomers
_____16. Calling out
_____17. Class clowns
_____18. Handing out papers and materials
_____19. Students talking to each other during the lesson
_____20. Cheating
_____21. Fighting among students
_____22. Verbal "put-downs" among students
_____23. Verbal wisecracks at me
_____24. Students throwing things
_____25. Students who wear hats
_____26. Students with "Walkmans" (personal stereos)
_____27. Students with beepers
_____28. Students with weapons
_____29. Students who are high
_____30. students who carry drugs
_____31. Students who are dealing drugs
_____32. Keeping students motivated
_____33. Parents coming into my class
_____34. Confrontational students
_____35. Students getting out of their seats
_____36. Feeling better related to the students
_____37, Losing my patience
_____38. Some of my procedures (like: ________________________________,
__________________________, ____________________________)
_____39. Lack of equipment and materials (like: _____________________ ___,
__________________________, _____________________________)
_____40. Deciding whether to confront a student during class or let it slide until after class, or just to overlook the behavior
_____41. Being completely honest with myself and the class about the subject matter
_____42. Being honest about all rules
_____43. Being honest in general interactions with the students
_____44. Following through on any warnings
_____45. Getting support from the administration on my rewards and punishments
_____46. Being accused of being unfair
_____47. Not believing in the whole curriculum Em teaching
_____48. Putting emotions into some of my lessons
_____49. Making my lessons relate to smdents'experiences
_____50. Getting the students to interact with each other, besides me
_____51. Helping the students feel a sense of direction and the goal of the lesson
_____52. Explaining everything very well
_____53. Handling students' anger
_____54. Disturbances right outside my classroom
_____55. My rules falling apart
_____56. Handling the "See me after class!"
_____57. Deciding the proper rewards and punishments
_____58. Asserting myself
_____59. Students when I'm substituting or doing a ~coverage"
_____60. Designing good "do-nows" or short worksheets
_____61. I feel as though I'm alone with these problems.
_____62. I feel frustrated in my efforts about handling "discipline problems"
_____63. I feel the problem is always the students
_____64. I feel the problem is the administration
_____65. I feel the problem is the parents and home life
_____66. I feel the problem is the students' peers
_____67. I feel the problem is none of these
_____68. I feel the problem is sometimes my own personal style
_____69. I feel the problem is the environment of my classroom
_____70. I feel the problem is sometimes in procedures
_____71. I feel the problem is in the delivery of my lessons
_____72. Other:_____________________________________________________________

Please indicate the numbers of the three items that are most important to you from the above list 1-72.

1._____Very important to me
2._____ Important to me
3._____ Somewhat important to me

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