Often, schools/colleges find that just a professional development day workshop on, e.g., classroom management to prevent disruptive behavior does not do enough to help individual teachers/professors with, e.g., real discipline problems. Also, teachers/professors are reluctant to share all their individual problems in this kind of one day workshop-public arena in front of their colleagues. As a result, this "hiding" sometimes covers up what really needs to be worked on, even if the one day workshop is successful. So, besides this workshop format, it is often very useful to also provide the faculty in the school/college with an ongoing service: confidential access to an online classroom management consultant before and after the workshop/talk. This kind of support often solves more real, specific classroom/campus problems. Principals, guidance counselors, and deans/chairs may then report fewer problems and referrals to the office and less complaints from parents and other students. In short, this service is more effective in helping a school/college than just the traditional, professional-day workshop, in that it is ongoing, and cost effective.

How Does It Work?

  1. The school's teachers/professors have confidential online access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to an online, nationally recognized, classroom management consultant: Prof. Howard Seeman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Education (About the Consultant) via private email for the entire faculty and staff at their own private computers, at their own private computers, at their own convenience, at home or at school or their office.
  2. Teachers/professors can ask any number of questions regarding preventing and handling: disruptive behavior, cheating, calling out, latecomers, fighting, talking in class, inattention, texting, cursing, rewards, and punishments for grades K-12, and college classes; the best classroom procedures, etc. and they can get help with these in line with their school's policies.*
  3. Strictly confidential: no other teacher or school staff member has access to these communications. If teachers wish, even the consultant will communicate with the teacher only via a private nickname and password. Communications do NOT go through the chair of a department or the administration of the school.* Each teacher communicates directly, online, confidentially with the consultant, e.g. from his/her home computer/office, at times best for that teacher/professor.
  4. The school simply distributes a short letter in staff's mailboxes that the school/college will soon have available: a confidential, online classroom management consultant for our school at: [email protected]. And, that Professor Howard Seeman will be meeting with us soon to give us a short workshop on how this service will work.
  5. The school arranges the most convenient time for Prof. Seeman to meet with the staff, teachers, administrators... usually for a 2 or 3 hour workshop (a morning or afternoon, or a Saturday) where he will explain the process of locating the causes of discipline problems, and their solutions, and the consulting process on classroom management issues in general.
  6. After that workshop, teachers/professors will then be able to simply email him their problems and concerns with total confidentiality.
  7. Also, the school can arrange, later on, for Prof. Seeman to come to the school again, e.g., once/month for 2-3 hours, to hold private office hours at the school for teachers/professors and staff who wish to talk with him in person.
  8. The school's administration is provided with end-of-month reports regarding:
    1. the kinds of problems that have been discussed
    2. a frequency analysis of these problems
    3. how many teachers/professors have used the service
    4. a general description of what was suggested to the teachers*
    5. any suggestions that may be of help to the school/college in general
  9. The administration of the school always has ongoing access to the consultant.

*Of course, any suggestions given to teachers that may, in any way, involve the whole school or its policies, not just that one teacher - are checked with the administration first.


  1. The school should have on hand either: Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems; A Classroom Management Handbook for K-12 or Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Colleges, both by Prof. Howard Seeman, Ph.D., Rowman & Littlefield – so that teachers can have access to this resource when it is referred to by the consultant. See: School discounts available.
  2. The school may also find it helpful to have and show at a faculty meeting the Video: Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems that demonstrates the concepts and suggestions in this Handbook. See: School discounts available.
  3. The school pays for this online consultant service as follows:
    A. $400/month.
    B. $1,800 for the semester: Sept. to Jan.; or the semester: Feb. to June, or the Summer semester.
    C. $3,200 for the school year: Sept. to June.
    D. Prof. Seeman will visit the school and meet the staff for a live morning or afternoon workshop to explain the service before it starts. (A fee for this workshop and travel can be arranged with Prof. Seeman, at: [email protected] )
    Prof. Seeman can also meet with the staff toward the end of this service to make sure the staff/school's goals are met.

    The school/college can terminate the ongoing consultation any time after Prof. Seeman has visited the school to deliver his onsite workshop and presentation. Then, the payment due is pro-rated to when the service was terminated with a 10% cancellation fee.

    The fees can be paid with PayPal:

    Or you may send a check or Purchase Order, made out to "Pro-Education Media", to:

              Pro-Education Media
              c/o Prof. Howard Seeman
              20 River Court - Suite 1404
              Jersey City, NJ    07310


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I agree to the above fees and services for the school/college:

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Contact: Prof. Howard Seeman at [email protected]

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